As promised—the mini-training that can save your sleep and protect your baby’s developing attachment system! 

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If you feel that leaving your baby to cry during conventional sleep training breaks something ancient and sacred in you both—now you know the good news—you don’t have to do it! You can get the sleep you need and help your baby sleep longer and better with absolutely no leaving them to cry—ever. 


Join my membership and learn how to optimize sleep with NO distress for either you or your baby—including personalized coaching support.

This course used to sell for over $800, but thanks to the non-profit initiative, Primal Parenting, you pay a small fraction of that! And 100 percent of your purchase goes to support the Primal Parenting Podcast.

The Smart Baby Sleep Course  + Personalized Coaching Will Guide you Through:

  1. The 3 Pillars of Smart Baby Sleep, which once in place, gets you the best sleep biologically possible for your individual baby with no crying-it-out.
  2. Why smooth transitions (e.g., to day care, crib, night weaning) without distress keeps baby feeling safe and secure and optimizes physical health and brain development.
  3. How to use “The Nudge,” a neurologically-informed technique that helps your baby move toward a goal without distress, never limiting responsiveness.
  4. The top three sleep myths that are holding you back from the happiest, healthiest babyhood with your little one, and mantras to keep your mindset on track toward high-nurturing parenting.
  5. How to recognize culturally biased expectations and guard against them, giving your baby the healthiest brain development for emotional health and giving you the most peace of mind.
  6. How to get to the source of each night waking and reduce them, one at a time, and what to expect each month—what is age appropriate.
  7. How learning to “self-soothe” really develops neurologically, and how to tell if and how much your baby can do it (hint: not at all at first!)
  8. The best techniques to avoid non-hunger night wakings and increase security so your baby will naturally be more contented and sleep longer.


Your Coaching Membership Includes Access To: 

  • Six, 20-30 minute video lessons detailing the 3 Pillars of the Smart Baby Sleep System(™) and how to synergize them, optimizing your baby’s sleep naturally.
  • Interactive support inside my private community. Get exclusive access to guidance and personalized answers to your posted questions, as you implement the system for your baby.
  • Charts, resources, replays of live training sessions, Q&As and FAQs to ensure a smooth transition from sleep deprivation hell to peace and satisfaction—knowing you are investing in your little one’s wellbeing for life!

Smart Baby Sleep System

Learn how to tune into your baby and protect them from toxic distress (no crying it out!) while improving their sleep environment, circadian rhythm, and tolerance for change.

You and your baby deserve to do this right. All proceeds benefit the non-profit initiative The Primal Parenting Podcast.

For 3 months


  • One time payment for full access & access to private community coaching for three months!

For 6 months


Save over $100

  • One time payment for full access & access to private community coaching for 6 months!

What Parents are Saying about The Smart Baby Sleep System™


"The Smart Baby Sleep System helps you understand the conflicting baby care advice with unbiased science!"
As my client Hans discovered, It’s a method that honors your attachment bond with your baby and your instincts to comfort your little one.