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The most sacred

attributes of

human potential

are routinely

sabotaged by powerful

psychological operations.


What makes us most

whole and well is

 constantly denigrated

through culture . . .



But we can use the real science and our true biology to reclaim our full humanity and thrive in the modern world.

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Hold on to Humanity With Primal Psychology

Embrace the deep, biological roots of human attachment

Recognize the cultural war for the distortions it creates

Prevent the poisoning of your most precious relationships

 Heal with us . . .

We have the biological blueprint of social mammals with sacred gifts to love and nourish others in profound ways.

Built on top of that, we have human potential for spiritual wisdom, logical reasoning, and innovation.

We can harness these to fully embrace our primal gifts in the modern world.

See through the psychological operations (PSYOPS) and discover how to heal and protect your relationships with the Primal Psychology Podcast 

The Podcast on how to raise children who flourish by providing the 5 evolutionarily wired-in baselines of optimal development for social mammals

Discover the Smart Baby Sleep System to avoid the trauma of cry-it-out sleep training while getting the sleep you need to nurture your baby or toddler. 100% of proceeds go to our non-profit initiative, the Primal Parenting Podcast. 

Heal and Ignite your intimate relationship with our Primal Couples Masterclass: From Struggling to Soaring 

Protect and fortify your relationships with our practical applications of leading brain science through our life-changing programs. Protect and nourish your children and your partner with insights, tools, and mindset shifts that honor the sacred within you: bonding, attachment, interdependence, biological imperatives, hormones, pheromones, wisdom, and true love.

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Angela Braden, EFTMP, is a journalist, co-author of the book, Primal Parenting, and a certified Emotional Freedom Technique Master Practitioner. Angela’s mission is to promote a human attachment movement and help people realize and embody their full potential through sacred relationships.